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Hey beautiful! Thanks for checking out my page!

I'm Erin - a twenty-something mom of 2, wife, Midwest obsessed (I just so happen to live where Peter Kraus from the Bachelorette lives 😉 ), fashion addict with a love of travel, sole owner & CEO of LuLaRoe Erin Harried! I have an AMAZING husband (my LuLaBRO) that does ALL the behind the scenes work. NONE of this would be possible without him & his constant support for my passion!

Aside from what you can tell on the outside, I have a huge PASSION for helping people live a more fulfilling and confident life! We're still talking about clothes, right? RIGHT! I'm a firm believer that what you wear on the outside, feeds off of what is going on inside you. CONFIDENCE comes from within and why not show how you feel?! Enter LuLaRoe. I started my journey last August and haven’t looked back since! My absolute FAVORITE part of this job is getting to help women find fabulous outfits that make them feel beautiful & confident in! I love it when somebody walks out of that dressing room feeling more confident than when they went in OR when an unexpected print/pattern turns out to be her new staple! (Never disregard a print or style that doesn’t speak to you on the hanger…) That means I have done my job 😀.

I'm here to help YOU look & feel your best while blessing lives & spreading the LuLa love!

This opportunity has opened my eyes to a whole new world and has CHANGED my life in ways I never thought possible. I can't wait to share my entire story with you! In the meantime, ask me ANYTHING, I'm an open book!

I love surrounding myself with positive people with similar interests and passions as we TRAVEL this journey TOGETHER! If you want to connect or learn more, message me! I would LOVE to hear your story and support YOU as you travel to your OWN destination. If you’re looking for that next opportunity & are ready for a change – LULAROE is for you!!! Join me & start living your best life.


email: [email protected]
instagram: lularoeerinharried
periscope: lularoeerinharried