LuLaRoe Care Instructions

How to Care & Wash Your LuLaRoe Clothing.

To keep your LuLaRoe soft/vibrant and to prevent any type of shrinking just do the following:

  1. Turn LuLaRoe garment inside out
  2. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle
  3. Lay flat to dry (indoors)

As with any article of clothing, your LuLaRoe clothing (over time and many, many washes) will age over time. No matter the brand this will happen. Washing clothing puts stress on the colors and texture - so the more you wash your LuLaRoe, the faster it will age.

Additional care instructions can be found on the tags of certain LuLaRoe styles. But the best rule of thumb is:

  1. Inside out
  2. Cold & Gentle
  3. Air Dry

If you have further questions about caring from your LuLaRoe or just want general fashion tips, feel free to check out our Facebook Page and we always encourage people to join our community in the private group!