Here are some things worth noting:

Currently our team of experts (either myself or my husband) are checking into whether the item you have put a claim in for is still available. This is due to numerous factors (eg. someone may have claimed it before you, it may have been sold at a recent popup party, etc.). We try to be diligent on scrubbing the site and removing items that have been previously sold, but sometimes things slip past us.

Product claims are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. If your item is available we will shoot you an invoice and give you further instructions to ocmplete your order. If you item is already spoken for we will do our best to let you know that it is no longer avilable.

That's it for now- hang tight while we process your product claim! Feel free to continue shopping - if you put a claim in for additional items please be sure to notify us of that in the notes field on your following product claims.

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